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Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

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Dental Veneers

If you are looking to improve your smile, then beautiful, custom-fitted dental veneers from Dr. Esrawi’s Boston, MA office can provide the answer.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin, custom-made moldings that cover the fronts of unsightly teeth. They are crafted from tooth-colored, high-tech materials to portray a natural, bright smile.

Why should you choose dental veneers from Dr. Esrawi’s Boston office?

Porcelain veneers offer you a chance to enhance you smile. Veneers are designed to look like real teeth – pearly white and slightly translucent. Unlike real teeth, they don’t yellow over time. We use veneers to cover up many flaws including:

  • Slight crookedness
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Minor chips and fractures
  • Stains or discoloration that doesn’t respond to tooth whitening
  • Teeth that look misshapen or too short

Should You Consider receiving Veneers from our Boston, MA office?

If above conditions apply to your mouth, veneers may be your best option. To learn if dental veneers are the best option for you, please schedule a consultation at our Boston, MA office

How Long Will Veneers Last?

Veneers are intended to last for many years. Unlike most bonding materials, veneers will not change color over time. You should consult with Dr Eswari to find out exactly how long veneers will last.

Dental Veneers Procedure at our Boston, MA office

Veneers are placed over the enamel to create the outward appearance of even, white and attractive teeth. The procedure is done in two visits. During your initial visit, you will look at computer generated examples of what your new smile will look like. Dr Eswari will also discuss the expectations and preferences for the exact shape and color of your dental veneers. The color of the dental veneers will depend on the number of teeth that are being treated.

Once your custom-made dental veneers arrive, you come back to our Boston, MA office for the final fitting. The surface of each tooth is etched with a mild chemical agent to allow the dental cement to get a good grip. Each veneer is attached to the prepared tooth surface using a powerful dental bonding agent. This adhesive is cured with a special lamp to harden it and help ensure the veneers stay in place over the long term. The next step is to remove any excess cement and do minor shaping around the edges of the veneers so they look just the way you like. Finally, they are polished to a brilliant finish.

To learn more about dental veneers at our Boston, MA office call us at (617) 725-0515 to book a consultation!

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