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Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

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Night Guards

Snore Guards / Night GuardsSnore guards are custom made plastic trays that cover part of the upper and lower teeth, and are connected with a piece of plastic. This is an attempt at repositioning the jaw and subsequently the soft palate (the tissue at the top-back of your throat), further opening your airway.

Night Guards:

Generically called “biteguards” or “nightguards”, these custom made mouthpieces are constructed of clear acrylic to snap onto the upper teeth (or sometimes lower). There function is to prevent damage from grinding and clenching on your natural teeth. They also allow the jaw muscles to relax and one to wake up in the morning with a less stressed TMJ (jaw joint). The hard nature of this acrylic requires precise customization and adjustment by Dr. Esrawi. Soft guards (often store-bought) lack that customization and can sometimes lead to further TMJ problems.

Typically, these are indicated for TMJ problems, grinding, or clenching habits diagnosed by a dentist.

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