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Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

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Miniature Implants

MDI โ€“ Mini Dental Implants

What are Miniature Dental Implants?

The MDI System consists of a miniature titanium implant that acts like the root of your tooth and a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of your denture.

Why should I choose MDI over conventional dental implants?

The MDI System was developed in order to provide greater denture stability for those patients who cannot withstand the rigors of conventional implant surgery, do not have enough bone to allow for full-sized implants to be placed, or are in on-going therapy from one prosthetic system to another.

Can mini dental implants help denture wearers?

Many denture-wearing patients often deal with problems associated with loose fitting dentures. Certain foods can create problems and can often lead to embarrassment. Mini dental implants can improve denture stability drastically and allow the dentures to form a snug fit.

Will mini dental implants be painful?

Your first day with mini dental implants may cause some mild discomfort but this should be minimal and controlled by pain medication. You may eat as soon as you wish, but avoid sticky or excessively hard food for a period of time recommended by your doctor.

How do I maintain my mini dental implants?

You must brush and clean the ball of the implants as if they were your natural teeth.

Looking for greater denture stability? Then Mini Implants may be right for you.

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