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Our FDA approved metal-free high tech ceramic implants made of “Zirconia” are available in the USA from Z-Systems USA, Inc.

But wait a minute…isn’t Zirconium a metal?

Zirconium is a metal, but our Zirconia (Zirconium oxide) is not. During our special manufacturing process, we are able to get a very long lasting strength and the Z-Systems’s special Zircoina, the ZrO2 TZP-A HIP bio ceramic, can be used for FDA approved dental implants. A metal-free dental implant from a Swiss manufacturer with 25 plus years experience in the production of Zirconia prosthetic hip replacements.

Even our surgical instruments are made from the high performance ceramic to provide you with a metal-free surgery

Careful development, high quality throughout and long years of clinical experience have gone into this certified, studied, and approved implant system: metal-free, more durable than titanium, very good regeneration of the gums – for perfect aesthetics.

Only the real tooth is more natural!

  • Do you have an allergy or sensitivity to metal in your body?
  • Are you someone who prefers to not have any metal in your mouth?
  • Have you been discouraged by your lack of choice in dental implant materials in the US?


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