Virtually undetectable, Invisalign® aligners are made of strong, clear plastic that gradually guides your teeth into perfect alignment. Unlike metal braces, they have no wires or brackets on which your lips or gums can snag. During your first Invisalign consultation at our Boston office, Dr. Esrawi will help you determine if Invisalign® is a good option for you. We’ll then design a treatment plan and take tooth impressions, from which Invisalign® will develop accurate, personalized tooth-straightening devices, called aligners. Aligners slide directly over your teeth and are replaced every two weeks as your teeth shift into place. Depending on your case, you will wear them full-time (except when eating or drinking) for 12 to 24 months—no longer than you would wear traditional metal braces—and see Dr. Esrawi about every six weeks for check-ups.


There is no upper age limit on treatment for patients without major dental health issues. You must be willing and able to wear the trays as instructed for best results. Invisalign® is most commonly used to correct mild to moderate tooth crookedness and spacing issues. Patients with severe bite problems are usually treated with traditional braces instead because they can be augmented with additional orthodontic appliances like bands or headgear.

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If you’ve been thinking about having your teeth straightened out but can’t seem to get over the idea of having metal braces, you might want to consider Invisalign. If you’re living near the Boston area, an Invisalign course of treatment with Dr. Malek Esrawi may help you achieve that bright smile you’ve always wanted.


By and large, Invisalign is an excellent alternative for those who would like to have their teeth straighten without the hassle and pain of metal braces. This set of virtually invisible aligners are similar to that of teeth whitening rays.

During your course of treatment, you will visit Dr. Eswari’s clinic several times for your invisible aligners. A series of aligners will be supplied based on the adjustments done by Dr. Esrawi. The length of treatment will vary depending on the severity of the alignment. However, the average length of treatment is approximately 12 months.


The following are the primary benefits of using Invisalign:

  • First of all, they are invisible. No one will actually notice that you’re wearing them unless you tell them yourself.
  • They offer the flexibility of being easily removable. You can remove them if you want to when eating or drinking.
  • During your clinic visits for your new aligners, there will be less time spent at Dr. Esrawi’s clinic as you do not have to stay longer for adjustments which usually happen with the traditional metal braces.

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